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Welcome To Lewisville

February is Heart Healthy Month

City Updates and Activities for February 2021

SNOW ADVISORY - Please be courteous to your neighbors when removing snow from your property. Snow should only be piled on your property and the right of way next to your property -- but in all instances, should not block the line of sight in intersections as this is a citable offense. Snow should not be piled onto the right-of-way across the street from your house unless an arrangement has been made with the person adjacent to that portion of right of way.

Jefferson County moves to phase 3: Mandatory mask mandate is lifted and groups of up to 50 people allowed.

Broadband Grant at Work: The broadband network, paid for by the CARES Act, main lines have been installed in Lewisville. The connection fee to your house will be waived through September 2021. Connections will be made to households as weather permits - some may not be completed until after the spring thaw. Call Direct Communications at (208) 548-2345 to sign up for services.

New Ordinances PassedOrd 2020-2 Amending 8-4 Building Setbacks; Ord 2020-3 Amendment to Title 7-1 Building Codes; Ord 2020-4 Title 6-3 Speed Regulations

The regular City Council meeting will be held on March 10, 2021 at 7:00 p.m. To be placed on the Agenda, contact the City Clerk at or at (208) 390-0829. Meetings are held on the second Wednesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. Social distancing will be observed. If you prefer to attend via Zoom click Zoom Invitation and follow instructions, or contact the Clerk at (208) 390-0829. For adopted minutes and agendas, please check under Agendas/Minutes.

LOST ANIMAL? Check the Community Center bulletin board for lost or found animals.See Resolution 2019-3 Animal Holding Policy

The public is welcome to all meetings currently being held. Social distancing will be provided. In the event you are uncomfortable attending the meeting in person, click on the Zoom Invitation above for instructions.

The meetings will be held at:
Lewisville Community Center
3451 East 480 North
Lewisville, ID