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July 2024 - God Bless America!

City Updates and Activities for July 2024


An Ordinance for public right of way construction was presented at City Council on 12 June 2024. A copy of said Ordinance will be posted ASAP.

Resolution 2024-1 was passed by the Council establising a Mayor's Youth Advisory Council. 2024-1 Resolution Mayor's Youth Council

 2024 FY 2nd Quarter Treasurer's Report contains information on how your taxpayer dollars are being spent. Check it out.

Lewisville City Council passed Ordinance 2022-03 Air Compression Brake Ordinance on October 12, 2022.

Ordinance 2021-5 and Ord 2021-6 Annexation of Countryside Meadows to the City of Lewisville, Amendment to Ord 2021-5 adding a map, zoning and Development Agreement Ordinance Ord 2021-5 and Ord2021-6 Countryside Meadows Annexation 

The next regular City Council meeting will be held on 10 July 2024. Meetings are held on the second Wednesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. For adopted minutes and agendas, please check under Agendas/Minutes or they can be found at the Lewisville Legacy Library. For issues relating to City business, contact one of your elected officials listed under Contact Information. Questions regarding City business for Council consideration can be e-mailed to the City via the clerk's e-mail,

LOST ANIMAL? Check the Community Center bulletin board for lost or found animals.  Resolution 2019-3 Animal Holding Policy

The meetings will be held at:
Lewisville Community Center
3451 East 480 North
Lewisville, Idaho